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Aug 6

Healing Ancestral Trauma through Nature, Ritual, and Community

August 6 - August 12

When we heal our roots, we open up new possibilities for our future.

–Thomas Hubl

Ancestral Trauma

Welcome to our investigation of ancestral trauma. We hold this as a sacred exploration of what
often has no words. We trust in our human capacity to heal when given appropriate support
and healthy relationship.

Perhaps you are holding a question about what you might have inherited from your ancestors.
You may even be acutely aware of traumatized aspects of your past and the residues of fear,
anger, or shame that get triggered in everyday living. You may have only a vague sense that
some issue is “bigger than just me in this present moment.” Whatever brings you to look at this
program, we welcome your inquiry and will support you in any way we can.

The stories in our lineage are part of who we are today, but much of their influence remains
unconscious. Our ancestors lived through the trauma of immigration, painful historical events
such as war, the legacy of slavery, Native American genocide and the Holocaust. It is common
for expressions of trauma, such as family suicide, depression, addictions, grief, or physical
health conditions, to be passed down from generation to generation.

Why It Matters

The importance of this work cannot be underestimated. Insights of our time carry forward to
new generations, empowering us to connect and repair with our families and communities. In
order to gather our creative energies and follow a heart-felt path of service to others and the
planet, we must uncover and befriend the entanglements of the past.

Ceremony, Wild Nature, and Community

The journey is both a deeply personal exploration as well as an inquiry into our historical and
collective wounding. Through immersion in wild nature, within a safe community and
supported by ritual, we can begin a process of reclamation and healing. We give ourselves time
and space so that the invisible can become visible. As we bring light to the stories and emotions
that may lie dormant from “looking away,” we liberate our natural aliveness, inspiration, and
gratitude for ourselves and those who came before us.

Flow of the Days
The format of the 7-day program is spacious, to allow for profound insights to emerge. We will
meet daily in sharing and teaching councils, followed by experiential reflection walks on the
land and evening gatherings. The framework of the Four Shields will help us map out our
exploration of ancestral wounding. Other rituals and the mirror of nature will enhance our time
together. On Day 5, participants will undertake a 24-hour solo with optional fasting. Upon
return, participants will share their stories and have them mirrored by the guides. Our last day
focuses on how to take the insights forward into daily life.

Program Questions Contact: Nancy Jane at njane615@icloud.com


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