We are a global network of guides and supporters whose passion is offering contemporary wilderness rites of passage to people, community, and culture.

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The Wilderness Guides Council is a vibrant and diverse group of people who are dedicated to reintroducing meaningful, earth-based rites of passage and related programs in the context of our modern culture. 

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The minute you join the Wilderness Guides Council, you belong. Whether you've been guiding wilderness rites of passage programs for decades or now wish to begin doing so, you join a group of people like you — people who know that the Earth has great wisdom to teach us and who are dedicated to exploring ways of deepening their own receptivity to that wisdom and sharing it with others.
Trebbe Johnson
Founder and Director, Radical Joy for Hard Times Ithaca, NY and Guide Member since 1997
This community has been an ongoing source of inspiration, guidance, friendship and more for myself and other guides from around the country and the world. We are also a community of several generations, and as an elder now I am most inspired by the next generations who are stepping in to carry these earth based practices forward. We welcome any and all who would like to continue to grow and deepen together in these times of great need.
Anne Stine
Guide Member since 1989
I warmly recall the first WGC gathering at Saline Hot Springs, winter 1988 — the whole group immersed in the largest of the Prankster pools, beneath the palms, all of us astonished to be together at last and re-membering what it is to become human in relationship with the Others. The camaraderie, dedication, and mystery of that moment is fully alive still, radiating out from the hearts and souls of this Council’s inspired guides.
Bill Plotkin
Founder, Animas Valley Institute, Organizational Member

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We have found that being part of a community network is not only a source of great practical support in all aspects of guiding and networking, but also deeply inspiring and nourishing.

The Wilderness Guides Council is a dynamic and fun-loving group of people from diverse backgrounds and life experiences. We embrace differences in who we are and how we guide, while supporting one another in a shared intention. We are guides, friends, organizations, and partners dedicated to re-introducing rites of passage and nature connections to all. 

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