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Regenco - working with the Regenerative Powers of Nature
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~~Jeremy Thres (Smoke), a life/death experience in the late eighties, led to a wish to give back to wild Nature and connect people with its freely available joys. So began a quest for ways that fulfilled this deeply, and when I first heard the term Visionquest it reverberated in my Soul. I had become involved in wilderness based exchanges to Russia and so it was my first quest took place there, after which I knew I had found what I had been looking for. The written work of Steven Foster and Meredith Little had been one of the important guides towards that first quest, so I began training with them at School of Lost Borders in 1994. The following year I began more formally offering it to those who felt the Call and have been both a guide and student of it ever since. Twenty years on the heart of my work and approach to it remains deeply informed both by my first quest, and what I witnessed and learned from those Great Teachers as they guided me and others then and since. What I learned has been complimented by continual learning through experience with people and the Land, as well as supported by experience in the way of council, a love of story telling and mythology, and more formal training in counselling, core process psychotherapy (the karuna institute), family constellation work, grief tending in community work, and the teachings of a number of different elders of Europe and beyond, Martin Prechtel, Colin Campbell and Thich Naht Hahn important among them. Recent years each summer, as well as the quest and newly developing Landtime work, I find myself supporting some creative youth camps here in the uk, lifebeat (, which has been deeply enriching, fun, challenging and moving.  I have been honoured to play a part in supporting quests. four shields and grief tending work in a number of countries as well as here in Uk. 

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