Alexandra Hatfield

Wild Rites UK
The Lake District
LA20 6HF

Alex knows that struggle and joy exist simultaneously in life. She sees that personal suffering can be a call to develop more authenticity and deepen our soul life.

For Alex the Earth is a compassionate and ever giving mother, the ground that supports her connection to Self and belonging. Alex is a lover of human nature and finds peace in knowing that our shared experience of being human is a journey of the soul that is more than the mind, greater than the body and beyond the realm of feelings; yet inclusive of all these elements of our humanness.

Alex has been making ceremony and creating initiatory experiences for 18 years. Most prominently leading workshops and learnings based in the mythology of the Goddess; the feminine aspects of creation and nature. She has worked with many people where it has been her privilege to witness their transformation.

What’s important to Alex when guiding any rite of passage is the warmth, connection, holding, support and challenge she can bring to the circle. Alex is a guide who knows she is constantly being taught, by nature, people and life.

Alongside Wild Rites, Alex works internationally as a learning and development consultant and corporate facilitator. She studied at the Institute of Psychosynthesis, London for 6 years achieving an MA in Psychosynthesis Psychology and a Diploma in Counselling. She continues to study there. She is a climber, a Firewallk instructor and has an affinity with the rocks and stars.

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United Kingdom