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Jul 15

Women’s Solo Quest Online

July 15, 2022 @ 12:00 am PDT

This six week program will be held online, and in the nature setting of your own choice.
A homecoming to deepest self, this six session sacred journey of healing and transformation honors the power and the path of the sacred feminine as experienced in nature and in our lives as women.
The supportive container of the Women’s Solo Quest provides a safe, wild and beautiful way to renew your sense of purpose, heal a weary heart in order to live your most alive self. Enter sacred time and space alone to reflect and redirect. Connect with the earth and claim your place in the order of all life. Find and claim the gifts that are uniquely yours to give.

From an article on the Women’s Quest written by Scout Tomyris, who guided with Rites of Passage for several years:

We let down our guard and simply become ourselves. Meeting in Council circle, sharing our intentions and fears with each other before the solo time, each woman experiences for herself the complete freedom to say whatever she wants without fear of judgment or reprisal.

All beings have a relationship to Mother Earth. It has been widely recognized since ancient times and in cultures worldwide, that the energy of the Earth is feminine and that of the Sky is masculine. I don’t know why.

What I do know is that when I spend time alone on the Earth, She feels like my true Mother. I lay on the ground and I am caressed and cradled to her Breast. I inhale deeply the scent of the sagebrush and I am Breathed by Her. I am fed by a view of the landscape and so She nourishes me in return. I hear birds cawing and singing, twigs breaking, a mole digging underground and I know that I am hearing Mother Earth speak to me.

Mother Earth teaches me that everything is connected. She is the penultimate guide as far as I am concerned. I am a mere human, albeit one who does her best to listen to Earth’s guidance. I feel blessed that at least once a year I am called to venture forth and lead a small troupe of women on their quest for vision. Empowerment, resourcefulness, humility and freedom are just some of the rewards that we all experience. Women deserve this.

The Solo Quest Online Program Incorporates the Five Core Elements of a Wilderness Quest:
1. Solitude
You will have a full day of solo time, either sunrise to sundown, or 24 hours.

2. Immersion in Nature
An entire day is spent in nature–time for walking, exploring, sitting still, journaling, and enacting ceremony.

3. Fasting
Fasting is an ancient cross-cultural practice, one that opens the mind and heart. Most women are able to fast during the nature immersion time of the Solo Quest. This practice can be modified for those who cannot fast.

4. Pan-cultural Teachings
In this program, we will apply practices and teachings drawn from more than 40 years experience guiding rites of passage in nature, including the Four Directions teachings (given to Rites of Passage by a Native American teacher); dialogue with the natural world; journaling; and other eco-psychological practices. We will also teach simple ceremonial practices that can be utilized by Solo Quest participants.

5. Community
Traditional rites of passage always take place in the context of community. This program will have a community of up to eight women, to share stories, learn from each other, and create a safe and powerful container for the work.


July 15, 2022
12:00 am PDT