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May 18

Reclaiming the Divine Masculine

May 18 - May 25

For the longest time, patriarchal beliefs and proscribed gender roles have discouraged men from learning to listen deeply and gently reflect. In the last half of the century, we’ve seen a growing recognition of the importance for each person to make their own spiritual connection with the Divine – an energy that resides inside each of us and in the natural world. But even for those who aspire to cultivating a spiritual life, rarely is there time, space, and support for this kind of
deeper attunement.

Come join us for a week in the natural world as we explore the Four Directions of the Divine Masculine. We’ll first spend a day in the South, where the body serves as a temple for the soul. Then will come a day in the West, where the storytelling adolescent boy seeks to find identity and meaning in the world by exploring his shadow. Next is a day in the North, where the empowered adult man looks to be of service to his people and use those gifts found in the West. And finally, starting at the crack of dawn, will be a day in the East: the place of Spirit, God, Goddess, Beauty, Love, and – in this week of exploration – the Divine Masculine.

Program Overview: To encourage our busy minds to settle, each day we will sit in silent meditation—some sessions optional, some encouraged.

We also will gather in council, holding space for the sharing and witnessing of stories. Afternoons will include time for walking in the natural world to explore each of the four directions of the Divine Masculine, culminating in a sunrise-to-late-afternoon solo walk on the day in the East. When we reconvene, we’ll then spend two days hearing
stories from this solo time.

A note about gender: We invite anyone to join us who identifies – wholly or in part –
as “a man” or as “masculine.” We are looking to create the cohesion that comes with
an affinity group, while also being inclusive.

A note about religion & spirituality: We welcome people of any religious affiliation.
We also welcome people without any religious affiliation. Our aim is to offer to participants the bare-bones spiritual practice of fasting alone in the natural world—a way for each person to source their own connection with the Divine, however they conceive of that.

Program Questions Contact: Scott Eberle at [email protected]