Fran Weinbaum

Fran Weinbaum

Fran Weinbaum

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Fran Weinbaum has been guiding wilderness rites of passage and retreats since 1996. Her growing commitment is to the weaving of soulful community in North Central Vermont through community-created and held ceremonies including rites of passage.

Fran has found that the essence of each teaching has been to listen “with the ears of your heart” to all that is speaking within and around you. She trusts that the power, the beauty, and the authenticity of going out on the land and listening will bring people what they need to live their lives with deeper passion, meaning, and purpose. Part of the purpose implicit within each person’s story is what is brought back to their most immediate relationships, to the work they do in the world be it paid or service, to their broader community, and increasingly, as a seed for cultural change that leads to human being and doing that is in balance with the Earth and the Other Than Human world.

A mother and grandmother, she lives in East Montpelier, Vermont, with her husband, Peter, balancing the tending of goats, garden, and hearth with work as a spiritual life coach and wilderness quest guide.

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City: Montpelier

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