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Corinna Stoeffl

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Corinna Stoeffl, MA, MS, is an initiated elder, a seeker who lives in the question and one who knows that magic is real. She continues to grow more and more into her knowing and awareness. Corinna understands the importance to fully be herself and empowers others to be fully themselves; she facilitates people to recognize where they are living stories, beliefs and judgments of others, inviting them to discover what is their reality. She uses simple yet effective tools that allow change to occur which may not have been possible before, as she has experienced for herself.

​Corinna has trained with the School of Lost Borders from 1991 to 1995. She began guiding day trips in 1994 and regular trips from 1998 through 2007. In 1994 she joined the Wilderness Guides Council and served on a variety of Councils (Advisory Council, Gathering Council, Circles and Elder Council). In 2006 she moved to New Mexico and initially focused on photography. She was part of the team that organized the 4th International Gathering of Wilderness Guides in the USA and founded the non-profit organization Global Rites of Passage. Since 2012 she is again working with people.

Corinna is a skilled and creative photographer of landscapes and wildlife with images that show her love of Nature, a portrait photographer, and a Life Coach. Currently, she offers the following workshops: Earth as Teacher, Transitions and Completing the Circle. These workshops draw on her deep connection to the earth and the various skills she has acquired over the past 20 years. She has an online community that focuses on gaining skills and explorations for the new, different world we are heading to.

In addition, she offers online workshops with the themes relating to the transition we are currently in. She is committed to living the aspects of the new world she envisions and operates in the gift economy. Contact her or check out her website if you are interested. These workshops use the Zoom platform with the visual connection and participants receive the audio track for their personal use.

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