Women's Vision Fast

Friday, June 21, 2019 to Monday, July 1, 2019
EarthTeach Forest Park outside of Ashland , OR
$1200 open to payment plans and partial scholarships
“Let us risk the wildest places,  Lest we go down in comfort and despair.” 
​-Mary Oliver 
​In a world that is often contradictory, speedy, and disorienting, a Vision Fast offers an opportunity to step across the threshold and into a place of ceremony as we say yes to listen deeply to the whispers of our soul. It is through that listening that we step into a deeper relationship with the natural world, and are able to recognize the intelligence of the land, trees, animals, rocks, insects, and clouds. We listen differently and therefore, we hear differently, too.

In life there are times of big change. As we cross from one stage of life to another, from known to unknown, from comfort to discomfort, we must allow for the letting go of who we once thought ourselves to be. It is going though the great ordeal, a metaphoric death, that we can begin to rebirth ourselves into who we are becoming. While we do not yet know how, the time comes when we must say yes. 

On this journey you will be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually held as we spend several days in preparation before you go on a 4-day solo on the land. After returning you will be welcomed back across the threshold and your story deeply heard. 

No wilderness experience is necessary. All you need is your willing, tender and courageous heart.