Intergenerational Women’s Fast

Southern Colorado CO, United States
Since time immemorial, women have gathered to celebrate, honor and support life. In doing so we form a sisterhood deeply rooted in our own authentic…

Soul Alchemy with Hannah Lee Jones & Linda Abrams

Labyrinth Canyon, Utah Labyrinth Canyon, UT, United States
A retreat for women: Shedding Your Old Ways of Being, Re-casting Your Mythic Story and Excavating Your Way Back to Your Wild Self. The wild…

Stories of the Canyon with David Abram

Labyrinth Canyon, Utah Labyrinth Canyon, UT, United States
With each fresh meander of the river, the bustle of civilization fades into the many-voiced stillness of the canyon – into the sunlight glinting off…

Cape Khoe Tours

South Africa 13 Juffenbruchstreet, Stellenbosch, Western Province, South Africa
1. What We Offer A 12-day driving tour to different Khoe and San sites, tribes and visiting 6 communities around South Africa. Route 1: Cape…

Trebbe Johnson Canoe Journey

Labyrinth Canyon, Utah Labyrinth Canyon, UT, United States
Wherever we are, the place that holds us reaches out to touch our own life: what we’ve been through, what we long for, what frightens…

The Elder’s Journey: The Four Shields of Elderhood for Women

Aravaipa Canyon Ranch 91467 East Lewis Ranch Road, Winkelman, AZ, United States
“We are the seeds of the tenacious plant, and it is in our ripeness and our fullness of heart that we are given to the…
$900 – $2700

Adult Vision Fast in Death Valley

In want of deeper meaning? There is not always a clear path. Longing for a change in one’s life, it can be challenging to take…
$800 – $3600

Four Shields of human nature: Training

Catalina State Park Tucson, AZ, United States
“The Great Summons of our time is to find our way home to our true nature                     in the living body of earth.”    Joanna…
$800 – $2400