International Vision Quest 13-24 Mars 2023 Cape Town, Afrique du Sud Venez-nous rejoindre sur l’ancienne terre d’ Afrique! Cette quête de vision est une offre…

Four Directions Workshop for European Time Zone

Virtual , United States
This ONLINE workshop is a six week program for anyone who wishes to deepen their connection to nature and soul. The group will meet once…

Winter Wilderness Quest

Death Valley National Park CA, United States
This nine-day Winter Wilderness Quest will take place in the remote and beautiful Black Mountains of Death Valley National Park. Rites of Passage has offered…
$1045 – $2400

Women’s Solo Quest Online

This six week program will be held online, and in the nature setting of your own choice. A homecoming to deepest self, this six session…

Jess Kovach

Seminole State Forest 2903 SUNSET RD, Apopka, FL, United States
Spring Walk with the Seminole Forest This is an invitation for a weekend journey into a world of wild beauty in the Seminole Forest. Base…
$130 – $330

Spring Wilderness Quest

Inyo Mountains, CA CA, United States
This nine-day Wilderness Quest will be held in the Inyo Mountains, a remote high desert range that translates as “dwelling place of the Great Spirit.”…
$1045 – $2400

Women’s Wild Soul Quest

Uncompahgre National Forest or National Grassland. CO, United States
Join us in ceremony on the land with 8-10 other women of all ages living in beauty and rooting ourselves in safety, allowing our hearts…
$735 – $1275

Global Earth Exchange

Worldwide in a place you care about
The Earth gives so much to us. And every year, on a Saturday in June, we have the opportunity to give back. Since 2010, the…

Guided Passages’ Wilderness Quest

Russian Wilderness, Northern California CA, United States
Calling in teens and young adults age 18-24 who are ready to mark their transition into adulthood. This is going to be a powerful and…

Sacred Vision Quest

Cascade Mountains Ashland, OR, United States
The Sacred Vision Quest for men and women is a rare opportunity to reignite the fire fueling your life, and reclaim your power, passion, and…