Women’s River Rites Trip

Labyrinth Canyon, Utah Labyrinth Canyon, UT
There will be a time when we can gather together under the night sky… There will be a time when we can cook and eat together on…

Utah Vision Fast 2021

South Eden Ranch, Bear Lake, Utah Laketown, UT
You are invited to join us on this 11 day vision fast ceremony, enacted in high desert ranch land of Utah. Includes time to slow…

Marcher les 4 shields – Portugal

Bord de l'Océan
“Marchez doucement car vous marcher sur mes rêves.” William Butler Yeats Un projet… une marche, au bord de l’Océan, en bord de terre… Suivre un…

Spring Vision Fast – Crete

” May all the spirits bless you, for the way you showed me a way through and all you taught me. Such a great gift…

Coming home to your wild self – UK

The Art of Rewilding
” There is only one life you can call your own and a thousand others you can call by any name you want ” –…

Womens’s Wild Soul Quest – High Desert Western Colorado

Uncompahgre National Forest or National Grassland.
Spending intentional time on the land helps relieve fear, anxiety, stress, worry, anger, etc. It enhances feelings of well-being and delight. As we attune ourselves…
$635.00 – $935.00