Gabe Eyrich

Gabe Eyrich

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My name is Gabe Eyrich (she/her). I live in the high desert of southwestern New Mexico, in the borderlands, at the base of the Gila Wilderness. I am a wilderness guide, circle practitioner, and professional listener. My work is about freedom, yours and mine – from ideas, institutions, and identities which limit the life of the soul. Nature, dreaming, creative expression, intention, and deep listening are means through which I work and live. If you feel called to work with me, know that we create the way together, as equals, listening and responding to what arises. We name our own boundaries and agree to do no harm.

I have over fifteen years of experience practicing transformation in and out of nature through rites of passage work and ceremony, also through human relationship, both in and out of circles. This includes training with The School of Lost Borders (2013) and living The Way of Council with The Ojai Foundation (2003). I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology, with emphases in Women's & Gender Studies, and an Interdisciplinary Master of Arts degree in Creative Writing and Psychology.

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