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Anne Stine, MA, MFT, is founder of Wilderness Rites, with over 30 years of experience as a psychotherapist, ecopsychologist and wilderness rites of passage guide. Her programs offer initiatory earth-based healing rites and practices that assist people to reclaim their true place within the wisdom and cycles of nature and have been offered in the wilderness areas of California, Idaho and Oregon as well as at several universities. In addition, she offers an ecopsychology (see web page) practice, which includes mentoring, teaching and guiding as well as training others in the way of earth rites. Her current interests include calling back the elders into our communities, and offering initiatory rites for women in all stages of eldering.

Now in her 70s Anne has been asked to mentor individuals in a variety of ways and circumstances. She sees herself as a midwife who, with a variety of earth-based practices, offers individuals an opportunity to ‘apprentice’ with her to clarify their genuine life path. The relationship between herself and the mentee is central to the experience. She considers this work part of her legacy in her later years and an expression of her awakening journey into elderhood. It embraces her experiences in nature, rites of passage, group facilitation, teaching and training in the ways of earth’s wisdom, extended solitary retreat in wilderness setting and her Buddhist practice.

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