Women's Vision Fast: Surrender to the Mystery

Thursday, April 27, 2017 to Saturday, May 6, 2017
Hart Mountain Antelope Refuge, SouthCentral Oregon near the CA border
$1000. Possible payment plan or Sliding Scale
Are you being called to deeper levels of surrender ?  Are you ready to challenge the illusion that you have control over your life, the people around you, the fate of the world, and even your own journey of emotional and spiritual growth? 
If so,say YES and open to the larger Mystery.  
While it may not be easy, it may be life-saving.
Bring your shaky, open-hearted, bursting  soul out to the wild, vast lands of Hart Mountain. There you will be held in ceremony by two wilderness guides, assistants, and the Great Mother, the Earth.  You will be physically, emotionally and spiritually prepared for your 4 day solo time on the land. This is your time to give birth to a deeper truth of your soul and spirit as you surrender to this Mystery too beautiful for words.
Why not say YES?
 Step into this Mystery and embrace your soul's hunger to more fully live her deepest truth. Step closer now, and...
...Leap Into the Mystic.