Winter Storytelling Series: Plunge in the River Says

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Winter Storytelling Series

Stories are some of the oldest healing art forms that exist. Like old medicine bundles woven together, braided and scented with sweetgrass calling us home through waters of remembering, healing and belonging. These old stories, the ones that have wound their way through the crooked creek of time to land at our doorstep and come knocking are especially potent medicine.

Once they enter through the gatekeeper of your ear they gently take root in your soul, growing as you do, flowering as you listen more deeply, reaching with you to new places.

This season we offer a series of three old tales as medicine for these times. We invite you to join us around a virtual fire pit to listen, to share, and allow these stories to root down into your soul.

Each live, interactive storytelling gathering will begin with introductions, flowing into the storytelling and ending with audience interaction Q&A, and a call for future gathering.

Participation is free of charge, but registration in advance is required. Space is limited so please do register early. The sessions will be hosted via Zoom, and it is recommended to download their app in advance.

Follow the registration link below to register for each event. Please Note: These events will be recorded and distributed to all those that register. following the live broadcast. Additional details will be provided upon registration. 

Plunge In, The River Says Wednesday, March 3, 7pm Eastern

In a culture that emphasizes the keeping up of appearances and denies the more challenging aspects of our lives and those of our ancestors we are not given the tools to go deep and claim the soul-treasure that is our birthright. The session offers reflections on the initiatory descent of soul. Facilitated by Rites of Passage Council Founder: Kedar Brown 

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