Susann Belz

Women and Earth
Susann Belz ​ is a licensed therapist, a shamanic practitioner and a Vision Quest Guide. In 1996 she started her own school "Women and Earth" where she teaches ancient ways of shamanic healing. Through many different training's, especially women ways of knowing, she is focusing on bridging the ancient practice of shamanism into the Western world to assist with the challenges of our times.

On this healing path 1985 she came to the Owens Valley, met Steven Foster and Meredith Little, and her way deepened through the teachings of rites of passage and the medicine wheel. Taking the learning forward, she developed a women’s way to go around the medicine wheel, including the 8 seasons and rituals, which help to bring this 8 powers into the everyday life. To learn more about her work, there is a Chapter in the book Wheels of life, “8 doors to a women’s wholeness, a shamanic initiation”.

Learning about indigenous wisdom from around the world, something changed quite fundamentally in her way of looking at the world and the people. She began to live an earth-based spirituality, and learned many shamanic tools for her own growth and for the healing of people.

Important teachers were and still are, Steven and Meredith Foster, Sandra Ingerman, Beth Beurkens, Gigi Coyle and Daan von Kampenhaupt.
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