Sparrow Hart

Quest for Vision; Circles of Air and Stone
Sparrow Hart began his deep exploration of nature and wilderness in 1971 with a 5-month solo pilgrimage through the Cascades and Canadian Rockies — and undertook his first vision quest in 1980. Over the last 30+ years he has studied with a variety of native and non-native “medicine teachers” in the United States and Mexico, and taught and practiced both modern and indigenous approaches to healing.

In 1986 he apprenticed in the art of the vision quest with Steven Foster and Meredith Little, and founded Circles of Air and Stone -- . Since then he has led over 150 vision quests in Vermont and the American Southwest, and undertaken over 30 quests of his own.

He is the author of Letters to the River: A Guide to a Dream Worth Living, creator of the Mythic Warrior Training; "Adventures of the Spirit" (including "Journey of the Soul;" "The Dreamtime;" "Mayan Adventures;" "Wings of Fire;" etc.); founder of the annual Men’s Wisdom Council at the Rowe Conference Center; a proud father; and a frequent workshop leader around the country. His work stands firmly in the tradition of “joining Earth and Sky” — bringing spiritual life out of the heavens and into the nitty-gritty issues we face daily — and affirms the importance of the emotional, imaginative, and sensual landscapes on our individual soul journeys. He is currently in the process of completing two books on The Vision Quest.
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