So Sinopoulos-Lloyd

Queer Nature / School of Lost Borders
 So Sinopoulos-Lloyd (“Faun”) is a genderqueer Greek-American who grew up in central Vermont as well as Greece. Two threads that weave So’s world together are a deep respect for human spirituality and a love and guardianship for the natural world. So has an undergraduate degree in Religious Studies and Animal Science from the University of Vermont and an MA in Religious Studies from Claremont Graduate University. In school So studied relationships between religion and ecology, especially in the Judaeo-Christian traditions, which continues to inform their work. Elsewhere So has pursued immersive studies in wilderness survival skills and worked seasonally as a shepherd. As a guide, So is inspired by the confluence of natural history and ecology with the archetypal and the mythic, and is also passionate about holding ceremonial space for gender non-conforming people. So’s interests include poetry, mysticism, science fiction, wildlife tracking, rites of passage, sheep and goat farming, and human-animal relationships. So lives with their spouse Pinar in Colorado where they work as an ancestral skills instructor, write, and develop nature-based programming for their LGBTQIA community.
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