Simeon Ayres

Beyond The Threshold
After a lifetime of self-discovery, through contemplation and meditation, Simeon was content with the quiet life of a baker, a miller and a farmer, until he discovered Beyond the Threshold and the vision fast in 2012... and was floored by its potency as a transformational tool. He returned from the west a different man, intent on the discovery of his own indigenous soul and the myriad pathways back to a direct and visionary meeting with nature. 
He completed the guide’s training in 2013 and commenced working with BTT to bring the vision fast and day walk back home to Victoria. These are now firmly established in the great forested granite hills of the Strathbogie Ranges where he lives with his family. 
 These days, you will find Sim wandering the hills and valleys, a pathfinder, a mapmaker, a story-teller, and a lover of wild places. Sim is a man committed to ceremony and the place where nature and psyche meet.
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