Silvia Talavera

The School of Lost Borders
Silvia Talavera has been a guide with The School of Lost Borders since 1993. She is a woman of versatility, passion, and humor, inspiring people towards self-empowerment. She brings to her work a nurturing insight, a deep compassion, a love of nature and teaches from the experience of a full life. Silvia is committed to supporting people in transitions using nature based teachings in a wilderness setting as well as midwifing those who are in there final stage of life through Hospice. Silvia is a mother, grandmother, elder and mentor and continues her work as a hospice nurse. Silvia has taken her place in the rich flow of elderhood where she finds passion in 'The Elders Journey' which she created 6 years ago through the The School of Lost Borders, Living the Practice. She continues to co-guide the Women's Fast which she was also instrumental in creating years ago, making it the School's first gender specific program.