Shea Armstrong

Rite in the Wild

Shea (she/her) grew up between the Missouri River and Loess Bluffs in the territory of the Kiikaapoi Tribe, in northwest Missouri. Her ancestral lines are primarily traced to the lowlands of Scotland and Guadalajara, Mexico.

Early years spent in the creeks and surrounding woods led to being a voice for non-human animals and the places they call home. For almost two decades she's served in various roles as an endangered species recovery biologist.

She is the founder of Rite in the Wild, a space for nature-based support during the pilgrimage home to Self and Place.  As a wilderness guide, she holds heartfelt space for transformation to occur so that we may inhabit a world of empowered people, caring for each other and our planet from a place of wholeness and deep connection.   

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