Secret Canyon Wilderness Fast

Sunset on Bear Lake, Utah
Friday, August 25, 2017 to Friday, September 1, 2017
Bear Lake, Utah
Sliding fee of $350-$600

Join us on 8 day vision fast ceremony enacted in a pan-cultural form on high desert ranch land near Bear Lake, Utah. Includes three days to slow down and and prepare for a three-day solo fast on the land, with a day of integration following. 
This vision fast trip is offered once a year and performed in a pan-cultural form (as taught by the School of Lost Borders), It gives you the opportunity and space to dig deep, and to die to what no longer serves you so that you may hear your soul’s genius, echoed in the clear mirror of Nature.

• marking a new life phase or transition; dying to what was and being reborn to what is to come
re-membering your connection to Self
• questing for the answer to a central life question
• uncovering vital aspects of your soul’s genius
• your empowerment for action in the world

Maximum Group Size: 6