Scout Tomyris

Becoming Sage
Santa Rosa
(707) 322-2658

Currently retired from guiding, I continue to be an active member via the Elders Council.

My first vision quest was with Marilyn Riley and Betty Warren of Wilderness Transitions in 1995. I quested with them again the next summer during which I wrote the story "Speaks With Trees" which appeared in the Fall 1999 Vol 10 issue of Circles on the Mountain. I received so much from these journeys that I wanted to become a guide, despite the fact that I was a computer professional.

I trained with Anne Stine of Wilderness Rites with her first Apprenticeship Group in 1998. I continued to apprentice with Anne for the next 3 years and co-guided a number of quests with her, including one over the change of the millineum in Death Valley. I served as a contract guide for Rites of Passage Inc from 2003 to 2013. My co-guides were most often Mike Bodkin or, on women's trips, Linda Sartor.

I had a Near Death Experience at the tail end of 2001 when an aneurysm in my brain burst. I like to say "my brain blew up." Having attending WGC Gatherings annually since 1998, I determined to attend again in March 2002. With a personal assistant, a special room at a nearby motel and the support of my guide friends, I made the trip to Anza Borrega. Two years later, in that same desert, I became Netkeeper, a position I held for the next 3 years.

I retired from guiding after becoming President of the housing cooperative where I live. It was in the context of vision questing that I learned about intentional community and became interested in that lifestyle. I moved to Santa Rosa Creek Commons in 2010. My experience as a guide has proved invaluable to me as a leader at SRCC.

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