Scott F Davidson
Point Reyes Station

Scott Davidson is a deep nature guide who cultivates an ecology of belonging through a unique weaving of wildlife tracking, tending and questing in community. As a lifelong guide, he nurtures the genius in each of us, one relationship, curiosity and threshold at a time. Scott deeply listens to the truth of the moments, helping people learn from all of wild life, both surrounding us and within us, and our inherent ability to live fully in balanced connection and service with all of life.

As a gifted council and quest guide, Scott collaborates with and serves many, locally and internationally, including the School of Lost Borders, Wilderness Reflections, Wilderness Guides Council, Tracker Academy and several local schools. Scott mentors boys into young men through wilderness adventures and skills, councils and quests, with the Stepping Stones Project in the SF Bay Area. With the Wilderness Guides Council, he coordinates annual gatherings nationally and intimately engages with the rites of passage guides community, including in South Africa and Europe. He continues to fast each year to renew his commitment to this life and work.

As a wildlife ecologist and tracker, he earned his Track & Sign III certificates from CyberTracker Conservation, BS in Plant Ecology from UC Santa Cruz, and his Permaculture Design Certificate through the Regenerative Design Institute. He is a leader within the Art of Mentoring – Deep Nature Connection community with the 8 Shields Institute, co-founder of the Tracking & Nature Connection Series, and many programs for deep nature connection and healing for people of all ages, all designed to re-weave people in service back into the landscape while celebrating this gift of life in community.

Scott is stoked to live in the wild coastal hills of Marin County, CA, USA. His wise and playful presence and his sound commitment to his work for future generations radiates Aloha into everything he does. 

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