Sara Harris

EarthWays LLC
Sebastopol /Sonoma County
707-292-8038 (cell) or EW voice mail: 707-634-4886
​Sara is one of the co-founders of EarthWays,LLC, and also served on the founding board of the School of Lost Borders for 7 years. As a Rites of Passage guide, she is continually in awe of what guidance and healing are available through the enactment of ceremony in communion with the earth.Through EarthWays LLC, she offers a Women’s Vision Fast annually, as well as many weekend and day-long programs. She is also co-guiding a 5 day program for Elder Women through the School of Lost Borders.
In private consulting, Sara offers dynamic and collaborative inquiry, mentoring and guiding work with others. She also has a passion for guiding cardiac patients, to offer support for how cardiac issues can offer a true opening of the heart through deep listening to the heart’s intelligence. Incorporating spiritual inquiry, presence and earth-based practices into her own approach to living, as well as to working with others, brings an immediacy and vitality that is what brings her the greatest joy.
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