Robin (Wisdom) Brodsky M.A.

Wilderness Guide and Eco-Therapist; Visionary, Artist and Musician.
I've been involved in the outdoor industry for many years. I worked in Wilderness Therapy for about 15 years begining as a guide and then joining the clinical team. I began to see that the so called, "clinical" is part of the problem with the current trends of dis-ease. We are so separate from our mystical roots. I managed to escape the disfunctional model of western psychology and have turned to Earth based practices to facilitate people coming to wholeness in their own time. I've studied with Animas Valley Institute as well as the School of Lost Borders. I am a traveler of both time and space.... I live with one foot in the temporal and the other in the liminal. I live outtside the margins as I embrace the gender fluidity of my nature.  For a long time I believed that I had to have both feet in the temporal and identify as either male OR female. I am neither and I am both.  Now, I guide people into and out of the liminal. I currenty hold a WFR certification and am very comfortable in the outdoors. I had a private psychotherapy practice so I am also comfortable in more main stream settings.
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