Rhian Daniel

Mountain View
(650) 404-7032

Rhian Daniel PhDc - Rhian's first experiences of human-nature unity, and it's psycho-spiritual potential, began as a 5-year-old, when his family moved to a large farm in a remote location of Australia. As the only male child, he spent countless hours playing with animals, and roaming the natural wilderness of Australia, talking to plants and animals and developing relationship beyond humans. Although Rhian excelled academically and athletically, too many questions concerning happiness and purpose-in-life remained unanswered by academia, family, and society. After 20 years of living and traveling in different lands, working many different jobs, he found his own answers--answers that cannot be found in what others tell us, or what we are led to believe. Rhian now assists others to find their own answers.

Using methods in transpersonal psychology (ecopsychology, nature, spiritual guidance, creative expression), Rhian works with individuals and groups to clarify their needs and goals from an existential and spiritual perspective. Once clarified, he works with the individual or group to transition emotional, psychological, or physical obstacles, to acquire the need or goal. Needs and goals can be emotional, spiritual, or material; personal, communal, or professional.

Rhian Daniel has a BSc in Medical Radiation, a MA in Psychology, Masters level certificates in Spiritual Guidance and Creative Expression. Rhian is currently undertaking doctoral research for his PhD, encompassing an interdisciplinary theoretical approach to hermeneutically explore human-nature unity for modern Western society.

In his spare time, Rhian can be found operating a CAT scan at Stanford Hospital, or teaching balloon kyphoplasty surgery (BKP) as a Clinical Instructor for Medtronic, Inc.