Rachel Lovie

Obsidian: Paths with Heart
Rachel Lovie PhD is a School of Lost Borders trained rites-of-passage guide. Obsidian: Paths with heart is an organisations based in the UK and Southern France, providing residential programmes including Vision Fasts, workshops, trainings, and coaching for personal and professional development. 

Our courses provide opportunities to expand perception, deepen empathy and compassion for self and others; to awaken to our gifts and bring them home to our people. We acknowledge and honour the joy and suffering of our lives, learning how to transform our life experiences into new stories of hope, beauty and action in the world.
Our residential programmes are set in a unique forested river valley system in southern France, known locally as the “pays de rêves”, land of dreams. Whilst not a wilderness as such, it is a place of wild spaces, where the cycles of the natural world, from the fecundity of life and growth through to death and decay, are evident everywhere. A landscape of abundant flora and fauna, it is a place highly conducive to contemplation and in evoking reconnection with the wild natural spaces within ourselves.   
Obsidian: Paths with Heart, was founded by psychotherapist, trainer, supervisor, and coach Helena Lovendal, and Dr Rachel Lovie, teacher and facilitator, whose PhD: Paths with Heart: Transformative Journeys in the Imaginal Realm, focuses on the creative processes involved in adult development and transformative experiences.
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