The Power of our Ancestors - in the wheel of the four shields

Wednesday, September 1, 2021 to Sunday, September 5, 2021
Groß Thondorf, North Germany, 70km south of Hamburg
Sliding scale of 300 € - 500 €
The Power of our Ancestors 

Many of us have lost contact with their ancestors or we don´t know much about them and yet we are connected with them, because a large portion of our roots are given to us by the ones who have been gone before.
We often carry ancient stories with us which have lead to suffering over and over again...from generation to generation.
Passing this ancestral message forward...often not knowing about its origin.
How can we embrace all of that with a heart full of compassion and at the same time relieve this ongoing story, so that we are free to live our own lifes and follow the values and dreams which are ours to do?
How can we call in our ancestors as allys supporting us on our path?
It is time to fully take your place in your ancestral line, so that you can become the ancestors of our future!
We invite you to dive deep for the benefit of all relations.