Peter Scanlan

Animas Valley Institute
I was formerly a Roman Catholic priest and subsequently a clinical psychologist in private practice for 32 years in Nashville, Tennessee. I trained with the Animus Valley Institute and with the School of Lost Borders as a vision quest guide and was a lead guide with the Animas Valley Institute for 17 years. I facilitate soul encounter through a variety of nature-based soulcraft practices with the goal of deepening into the mythopoetic story that each of us inhabits. I am dedicated to guiding people to the edge of the deepest mysteries, holding sacred space while they plunge into those depths, and honoring the unique power and truth of the stories that they bring back from those journeys. The current focus of my guiding is offering nature-based programs to access ancestral energies.  The programs utilize practices that facilitate the blossoming of the deep imagination, which provides a bridge from ordinary consciousness to the unseen world of soul and mystery, which includes the energies of ancestral influences.  Once a connection is made with these influences, the aim is the healing ancestral wounding and the activation of ancestral gifts as woven into one's larger soul story.  I brings heart presence and a playful spirit to my work.
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