Pınar Ateş Sinopoulos-Lloyd

Queer Nature / School of Lost Borders

Pınar has always been allured by how the natural world mirrors one’s internal landscape. Enchanted by the liminal, Pınar identifies as genderfluid QPOC (Queer Person of Color) with their mother’s side native to the Americas. Their self-designed studies include a B.A. in “Somatic & Depth Ecopsychology” from Prescott College, graduating from the Wilderness Awareness School’s Anake Outdoor School and Wildlife Tracking Intensive as well as other immersive studies at School of Lost Borders, Animas Valley Institute, Naropa University, and Esalen Institute. Their greatest mentors have been of the more-than-human; desert creeks, grey foxes, canyon wrens and cottonwoods to name a few. Pınar’s passions include wilderness/ancestral skills, rites of passage, the human animal, indigenous solidarity work, natural history, soul work, empowerment of marginalized voices, neurodivergence advocacy, radical mental health, wildlife tracking and the ecological intelligence of emotions. They plan to go back to graduate school to deepen their studies in decolonizing ecopsychology. Pınar is nurturing Queer Nature, their collaborative vision with their spouse, So, to cultivate an earth-based queer community rooted in rites of passage.
United States