A new story: rites-of-passage for WarGrandchildren

WarGrandchild Souljourney
Friday, August 18, 2017 to Tuesday, August 29, 2017
Germany, Bavarian Forest
Sliding fee of Euros 900 - 1600

A new story: rites of passage for WarGrandchildren
(with Co-Guide Petra Lenz-Snow)

As WarGrandchild you were born into a deeply traumatized culture and family. This left you with deep soul-scars. You may have felt for quite some time now, how these deep soul-wounds negatively influence your life. Or you have discovered this topic just recently. In any case, you strongly feel the call to heal these wounds.

Also nature knows wounds. She knows about their necessity and has million years experience to transform them into something miraculous. A grain of sand injures the sensitive, inner seashell. A unique pearl develops. A tree is struck by lightening and a branch breaks off. The tree produces healing resin. Over the course of million years and facing the elements, a piece of jewellery emerges: amber.

As WarGrandchild you probably do not feel as a unique piece of jewellery. Instead, you might not even know, who you are. Maybe you even thought about how senseless and painful this life is and for what reason you landed on this earth. Already as a little child, you had to – mainly by yourself – go through crises and be strong for your parents. Your parents were not able to really see and mirror you in your uniqueness – due to their story. And because of the collective Trauma, our society is not very helpful with this either.

Indigenous people in all cultures and during all times knew, that holistically healthy communities, need people, who are aware of their unique potential and qualities. So they can bring them in for the sake of all. Here our deepest wish “to be ourselves” meets naturally, what our community needs most. From the rituals of the indigenous people, Greek mythology, to our modern times: we can find numerous forms of rites of passages, having the same general pattern: change occurs through a threshold-experience, holding the potential to initiate into a new life.

Our rites-of-passage is such a threshold-experience: you will get the room to look in depth at your formlery experienced wounds and pain, and to mourn them. You are invited to let go of and let die, what you do not need anymore and what may have never been yours. To be counted also pain and wounds you received from the collective soul, maybe already in your mothers’ womb. Your personal story will be linked to a bigger meaning and you will call in a new life, that is your very own now. You mark the beginning of a new life-chapter. The healing of your wound will also heal the collective wound and the following generations – and you will give birth to a new story.

For whom

  • Your parents were children during WW2.
  • You know about the consequences of unprocessed war traumata.
  • You feel: it is time now, to heal these wounds.
  • You want to let go of the old and live a new story.
  • Experience with working in nature is not a prerequisite. You also do not need to be experienced in sleeping outside in nature.
  • Health circumstances, which do not allow four days of fasting, can be taken care of.
  • Different “Fitness levels” are no problem.
Flickr date taken: 
Friday, August 18, 2017