Nancy S. Wiens

Emergence Initiatives
San Rafael
Nancy’s passion lies in helping others discover what it means to come alive. She is inspired by working with those committed to the growth of themselves, their families, their organizations, and the planet’s regenerativity. She thrives on supporting others’ sense of belonging and empowerment: to know themselves as Beloved, as interconnected with nature, and as uniquely able to contribute to the well-being of the world.
She is a mother, a mentor, a catalyst for transformation, a storyteller, a professor, an avid student of human experience, a lover of nature and the Spirit, and a witness to the power of trusting that we are beloved and belong.
She studied with Steven Foster, Meredith Little, and Gigi Coyle at School of Lost Borders, in the art of wilderness rites of passage and Ecopsychology.  She has a Ph.D. in Christian spirituality and natural science, with an emphasis in ritual studies and biblical spirituality.  Please contact her here.