Munro Sickafoose

Three Ravens, Rites of Passage, UU Santa Fe
Santa Fe
I am a husband, father, whitewater river guide, and ceremonial leader. I've been deeply involved with indigenous earth–based ceremonies for many years, and I trained as a vision quest guide with Steven Foster and Meredith Little at the School of Lost Borders in 2000.

I've been leading groups and individuals in the wild since 1996.  I'm a facilitator in the Way of Council, having trained at the Ojai Foundation.  I was the Netkeeper for the Wilderness Guides Council from 2008-2012.

I currently guide men's quests for Rites of Passage in Santa Rosa, CA, as well as youth and elder quests sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Santa Fe, NM.  I also guide individuals for my own company, Three Ravens.
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