Michelle Katz

Oaks Counsel
Nevada City

Michelle is the Founder, Creator, Facilitator and Counselor of Oaks Counsel.  Oaks Counsel offers nature-based counseling and programing to facilitate and acknowledge the various changes an individual moves through in life.  

Michelle brings individuals to nature to experience the world within them as seen in the wilderness surrounding them.  She acts as a witness and support as she reflects back an individual's experience in this process of connecting to their innate wisdom and nature by creating a therapeutic experience through introspection, community, spontaneity and play.   

Michelle has a BA in psychology and Native American Studies and a MA in counseling and eco-psychology.  She has also extensively studied Shamanic counseling, Jungian psychology and Gestalt, transpersonal, and NLP therapy practices.  Michelle is a Qualified Mental Health Practitioner (QMHP), counselor and life coach.  Michelle ha developed and coordinated various interactive and long term teen programs.  She has practiced therapy with individuals, families and groups of diverse backgrounds in various settings from treatment centers to homes and schools. 

Michelle has personally experienced and facilitated various rites of passage ceremonies and nature-based counseling practices.  She is trained in the tradition of the School of Lost Borders.  Michelle is also a certified yoga instructor and has taught in various settings over the years. All this in culmination, has contributed to the creation of Oaks Counsel.

United States