Meghan Aya Letts

Meghan Letts, MA, NCC, and RYT-200, is a wilderness guide for troubled youth, rites of passage facilatator, writer, mentor, and is a channel for the voice of nature. She attained her Master's Degree at Naropa University focusing on the neuro science of various traditional practices of meditation and their capacity for holistic healing. She later attended the Earth Based Institute as Nature Connected Coach, blending Western psychology with earth based meditation practices &  rites of passage work. She has a deep connection with the trees of the Appalachian Mountains and illuminates this connection so that others can learn to feel it as well. She guides her guests into the depths of nature to integrate all they have learned in life in tangiable way so that they can offer their own gifts back into the world. She offers one-on-one sessions, as well as, group facilitation. Her wandering wild adventurous spirit serves as an inspiration to others to get outside and explore the outer landscapes and their inner wildness. 
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