The Love Map

The Love Map: Reignite, Reconnect and Repair Your Relationship
Jeannie Daly-Gunter
If you aren’t growing together in your relationship, you are likely growing apart. The Love Map: Reignite, Reconnect and Repair Your Relationship, gives couples a blueprint to help you navigate the inevitable ups and downs of love. This book is a practical guide, an engaging story, and a workbook. Unlike many of the psychological relationship books on the market today, The Love Map is a compelling ‘teaching story’. This story follows the marriage of the main characters, Taylor and Jaymie, as they work through ongoing conflicts that have been weighing them down for a year. Sophia, Taylor and Jaymie’s marriage counselor, guides the couple through ten sessions of relationship lessons, that ultimately supports the couple in working through their conflicts. Along the way, the reader is encouraged to do the relationship exercises at the end of each chapter along with Taylor and Jaymie. This comprehensive ‘self-help story’ is endearing, motivating, and practical all at once.

"Jeannie has done a beautiful job of putting love on the wheel, or The Love Map as she is calling it. Having danced with a committed relationship for many years, I know first-hand that it is a path that takes much dedication and commitment. This book is a potent resource for couples who want to walk a conscious path together. I love that it is both story, guide and practical workbook. I would recommend this book for couples who want to deepen in their journey together."  
-      Meredith Little, Co-Founder of School of Lost Borders   
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