Linda Weber

Women's Wilderness Quests
Linda has been offering psychological and spiritual counseling since 1970 and wilderness quests since 1986. She is a writer, singer/songwriter, and vision quest guide with an M.A. in psychology and women’s studies. She relies on her natural intuitive sensibilities to point people towards what they need. Meditation and chanting as well as closeness to nature are at the heart of her spiritual practice. Music is folded into her Quest work in a way that enlivens and inspires. Her own life turned around in 1984 when she met David LaChapelle, a spiritual teacher and Quest guide with whom she studied spiritual development ("the essential self") for 25 years. Her first experience of the vision quest propelled her into profound healing from depression and addiction, and revealed a felt sense of connection with the oneness of creation. This has carried her in her work ever since.
Linda began her counseling work in women's health and founded a women's health center in Boulder (1973-1987). She is the author of Life Choices: The Teachings of Abortion. She is deeply grateful for all the teachings and teachers that cross her path.
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