Linda Sartor

Rites of Passage
Santa Rosa
Linda has been guiding vision quests with Rites of Passage for 18 years.  She recently published a book about her work for peace and justice during the ten years following 9/11, when she traveled to Israel/Palestine, Sri Lanka, and Bahrain as a peacekeeper; and to Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan as a citizen diplomat.   It was vision quest guiding--witnessing participants getting in touch with their hearts' longings and following those callings even when fear is present--that led her to doing that work of her heart that was tormented by the way the US responded to 9/11.  In addition to guiding vision quests, Linda currently teaches in a masters in leadership program, lives in a rural intentional community, and is a member of the board of the Peace and Justice Center of Sonoma County.   
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