Lia Naor

Ways of Knowing
Bat hefer
Lia Naor is a PhD student in the Department for Counseling and Human Development at the University of Haifa, Israel. Lia is currently studying the process of positive transformation, particularly at it occurs in nature. Lia holds a BA in social work and an MA in drama therapy. She is a licensed nature guide and for the past 20 years has combined her love and experience in the field of nature and therapy working as a nature therapist. She teaches nature therapy, lectures on related topics and has a private practice. Lia has worked with hundreds of clients and groups seeking change, through "Ways of knowing" – a model for therapeutic quests in nature that she developed. Transformative effects among her clients have propelled her to deepen her knowledge of positive transformation through further empirical research. Lia teaches and studies the therapeutic aspects of nature in the context of positive change as a researcher, teacher and student and has presented her work in several academic conferences in Israel.