Krystyna Jurzykowski

Dream Quest
Glen Rose
254-897-3145, 817-233-5938
A child of immigrants in exile, Krystyna grew up in a combo of vast wilderness and cement jungles in 3 different continents. Ultimately the wisdom of nature became home, her sanctuary of Guidance.  In 1991 it was Gigi Coyle who led her to the School of Lost Borders, and it is with her, and Stephen and Meredith she fulfilled 7 years of training. In 1998, she began co-guiding in the wilderness of Utah and California and on private lands of Texas and Oregon. She combines a love of language, poetry and cross-cultures with Journey, Pilgrimage and Rites of Passage and continues to apprentice, embrace and learn from lineage holders of many world traditions. Her commitment is to support anyone who is called to gift themselves this way, this practice. 
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