Kent Pearce

Condor Vision Quest
Kent is a light-hearted man who re-wilds one step at a time.  From his experience, he believes that the essence of the vision quest is to See and Be Seen.  To manifest this essence, he originated the Condor Vision Quest, fathered the Condor Clan incorporation support community, and co-created the Order of the Red Bandana.  He has been a hyper-active member of the Wilderness Guides Council since 1993.

Lightheart: (medicine name)
Blessed by Steven Foster to do "The Work" in 1993.  Cursed by Miguel Batz to do "The Play" in 1997.  Guide for 20+ quests in the US and Europe. Member of the first WGC Gathering and Advisory Councils; Consort of the Second Netkeeper; Co-founder of ACME MART; Ranger in the Polycephallic Posse of Mystery; Co-orginator of the PPoM Renewal Fast; Discoverer of the Ancestor Mask; Initiator of the Earthlink Search Party; Supplier for the 4th Inter-continental Guides Gathering; Namer of the ORB Big Belonging; Visionary of the WGC Seven Arrow Synergy; Author of numerous articles in Circles on the Mountain; Coveter of all of the medals on the chest of a Soviet Field Marshal.  Shadow: Mentally ill - Bipolar Disorder, guides as a give-away, suffers from CCS (Chronic Coyote Syndrome)  
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