June 2019 Wilderness Vision Fast

Monday, June 10, 2019 to Thursday, June 20, 2019
Eldorado Forest
Sliding Fee of $700-$1000
Modern life is so loud. There are the sounds of incessant jet engines up above our heads, electronic devices chirping out each minute of our over-scheduled days, and advertisements shouting out about the things they claim we just can’t live without. It can be hard to hear yourself think, let alone make space to hear the whispers of your soul’s true calling. But the voice of your true self does not give up easily. It’s been whispering to you, maybe for a long time, and maybe the time to listen has arrived at last.

The modern day vision fast is a new-old rite-of-passage of setting time aside in sacred ceremony to be by ourselves in wild nature in order to leave behind the voices of the world, cross over into a liminal space where our senses re-awaken, and we re-member our deep belonging, and bring our gifts back to our communities.

In this rite-of-passage we cross a threshold into what the ancients called the dream time. What we find there is a world alive with sentience and with meaning and we come into a conversation with animals, trees, rocks, and our own true natures. From this conversation we may come away with treasure; inspired and imbued with pieces of our truest purpose.

When: June 10-20, 2019
Where: El Dorado National Forest, Sierra Foothills
Guides: Ryan Van Lenning and Katie Baptist (and an assistant guide)
Fee: $700-1000 (Pay what you are able. Installment plans available)
Email: ryanvanlenning@gmail.com

Wild Nature Heart’s wilderness vision quest program involves 3 days of preparation, a 4-day solo fast, and 3 day of incorporation before returning home. The fast is not only from food, but from news, devices, and other ways we can distract ourselves. Our programs are small (group of 4-8 participants), to ensure an intimate setting.

Preparation: You will be given comprehensive packing lists, and your individual needs around fasting will be discussed ahead of time and respected. Ideally, we will meet once as a group prior to the vision quest in order to begin to get to know one another, and to begin a conversation about what it is each participant is going out to claim for themselves.

Once you say yes to this journey, you will want to start paying close attention to your dreams, and to the synchronicities that show up in your life. You might want to take one or several intention/medicine walks in the weeks leading up to the fast. (We are offering a DayQuest in April in the Sacramento region – FREE to anyone who is registered for the Vision Quest.)

Once you arrive, you’ll be provided with an ancient means of looking into the mirror of nature (the four shields), and you’ll be given ideas for how to do self-ceremony during your solo time.

Solo Time in Your Power Spot: The drum beat will come at dawn and you’ll be invited to cross the threshold and enter the dreamscape of your ceremony. To go “sit on the mountain” as we say. You will fast alone in the wild while your guides hold the circle and prepare for you to return with the stories that will feed the people. You will take water with you, we will be aware of your location, and there will be a buddy system for safety. At dawn the next day, you’ll return and cross back into community with your fellow fasters and your guides. (Note, we want our participants to fast in the way it makes sense for their bodies. Some go completely without food, some with just liquids, some with a little snack each day)

Return: We will share a fast-breaking meal together, and then come together in council circle to hear the stories that your journeys into wild nature have gifted. Your guides will listen, and then mirror your story back to you as medicine for yourself and for the group.

Together, we will feast on these stories and then help you prepare to carry the vision back into the world of your community with new understanding.

Is now the moment you will answer? If you are hearing the call, or if you have questions on the edge of your calling, let us know. We are happy to have a phone conversation with you. We are excited to bring you “up on the mountain” and to support you along the next steps of your journey.

With love and in service to the Great Turning.