Jess Tyrrell

Cape Town
+27 741 727 327
Jess was born on the southernmost tip of Africa - Cape Town - and feels most herself and at home in the wild open spaces of deserts and mountains. She has travelled extensively throughout Southern Africa, spent years living in and exploring West Africa, wandered through Eastern Europe and South America and journeyed on horseback, boat, donkey, camel and foot to access the remoter places of the world.

She has an Honours degree in Social Work but traded in her desk and office for a wide-brim hat and a life lived outdoors. She has over 14 years experience in running multi-day white water rafting trips, facilitates youth programmes, wild storytelling, and takes month long walking journeys into Namibia.

Jess is training as an African traditional doctor and has a contagious love for nature and the human spirit. She gently weaves a different way of looking at the world and feels that Africa has magic in the land where we remember that we all began here.

Passionate about simplified living, her philosophy holds that we go into wilderness to remember our place in relation to all of life, to evoke perspective, recall purpose and re-enliven our living.

"There are still wild lands for us to walk. Untamed spaces that are not made small by what we hold as great. No law or papered economy or social mean as bars to our minds. No fantastic fear or romanced ideal to hold the heart. No path for our feet, or place to be, other than the invitation of that moment. And when we walk quietly in these wild places, eyes resting on real horizons, ears open to the conversation of birds and the song of our hearts, we remember our selves. We find our selves in relation to all life and so come to know our place on earth."
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