Jason Geoffrion

Men's Leadership Alliance
Jason is dedicated to bringing ceremony and ritual back into regular community practice, building inter-generational bridges, engendering collaboration between the masculine and feminine, developing local and worldwide networks of support for holistic integration of the soul’s emergence in the service of empowering initiatives that positively effect community, and reconnecting humans with the natural world.

Certified as a 4 Gateways Life Coach and Trainer and as a Psychotherapist, Jason provides individual and group opportunities to further deepen into all life has to offer and is devoted to supporting men, women, youth and elders in all their passages and transitions throughout the lifespan. For the past six years he has served as Executive Director of the Men’s Leadership Alliance. He has guided rites of passages, vision quests, wilderness trips, men’s retreats, father/son programs and leadership retreats for people of all ages.

Jason’s teaching experience includes Ethnology through Antioch University Seattle, and American Literature, Poetry Writing, Environmental Science, Male Psychology and other courses for high school students in settings from public schools to treatment centers to youth jails. He also has extensive experience working in mental health facilities throughout the United States.

As well as working with individuals and groups, Jason travels to communities across the globe to work with schools, organizations, and various community groups in the service of enlivening and empowering local people to build healthy community. Jason is deeply committed to embodying the essence of the Scholarly Practitioner by building bridges between the practical and academic worlds through his doctoral studies in Human Development and Organizational Systems at Fielding Graduate University.
Jason Geoffrion, MA ~ Facilitator, Life Coach, Educator, Guide, Transition Specialist.  
United States