Inviting vastness - in alignment with your nature

Sunday, February 28, 2021 to Sunday, March 7, 2021
The island of Amrum - Northern Germany
Sliding scale of 400 € - 700 €
Inviting vastness - in alignment with your nature

In these intensive days we will invite the vastness of this beautiful island into our inner landscapes.
Each day we will tap into our own wisdom through medicinewalks connected with the four shields.
These walks will support our ability to let go and become more and more quiet and to feel our deeper connection with nature.
This fine place within filled with stillness and peace!
Here we feel connected with ourselves, the people around and the great spirit with its own mystery.We can deeply appreciate and welcome all feelings which are inside of us and are related to all living beings.
This provides a container of selflove and compassion for who we all are...human beings on earth.
And an ongoing question during this time will be...what is supporting us in that alignment to stillness and peace?
And what is trying to hold us back?
The landscape of Amrum will be our mirror during these days and will help us to find our own sacred answers.