Wednesday, July 10, 2019 to Sunday, July 14, 2019
Groß Thondorf, North Germany, 70km south of Hamburg
Sliding scale of 200 € - 500 €

In these 5 intensive days you are giving yourself the oppurtunity to create a powerfull new begining for your life.
Each day you will be out on the land for medicine walks to find out about your dreams and what really matters in your life.
Knowing that can offer your life to that and conciously create your life in that direction.
During this time you will look into the mirror of the land...finding an intent which includes all what your soul is longing for.
With this intent you will be smudged out from sunrise to sunset to embody this sentence and at the same time informing all the invisible forces about your intent.
With doing that your compass is navigated again and you always have the choice to stay true to what you have marked.
It is about choosing the new gentle as you can...again and again.
Harvesting your fruits of clearity,authenticizy and the power of transformation.