YES!  It's time to post your 2020 Programs in our online program directory!!

Go to the 'ADD CONTENT' button in the Member Resource Section and click on 'ADD A PROGRAM'.  
An online form will open up that you have to fill out and save to create your program listing.  There are explanations under every field that help you fill in the information correctly.  If you need extra help, use the link below to go to a 5 minute demo video that I created last year, that takes you through the process.

​Please note that it is essential that you remove all formatting from your text, if you are pasting it from another word doc, or website.  Otherwise, our site will experience glitches and loading delays.

To remove text formatting:  Look at the screen shot below.  See the little clipboard on the top row, 5th icon from the left, with the ’T’ in it?  When you have text that you have copied from anywhere outside of the WGC website, you first click on that item.  It will open a little box.  You paste all your content into that box.  Then click okay.  And it will remove all formatting and put the text into the body.  

Please, please do this for any content that you upload into our site - to keep it working properly!!