Healing Through Storytelling: Mirroring Demystified

Wednesday, May 1, 2019 to Monday, May 6, 2019
Northern CA: Galbreath Preserve, Mendocino County
We have all been wounded in life and we have all healed some of those wounds, too.  For many of us, it seems two healing elements have always been important: time in nature and having others deeply listen to us when we tell our own stories.  We can also pass that gift along to others, by deeply listening and then mirroring back the stories they tell.   
How do we take the clear mirroring the natural world offers us and offer that to others? 
This six-day program will follow the map of the Four Shields, as we offer ample room for all these elements of healing: time alone in nature, telling your own story, listening deeply to others tell theirs, and mirroring back some of the stories you hear.    
We especially want to de-mystify this process called “Mirroring”.  Everyone longs to be heard deeply, without interpretation, advice, criticism, and with full attention and kindness.  Practicing this together this week, in a beautiful outdoor setting, we can continue to transform our own stories into our gifts and help others do the same.   
One does not have to be a wilderness guide or a therapist, to become a skilled “mirror.” In fact, some of the skills required to be a professional healer may actually have to be shed to become as clear a mirror as possible. All that is required for this program is a heart that is willing to practice and a deep desire to bring the art of mirroring back to your people.